3-2-1 Hawaii Video

I headed over to the North Shore back in November of 2020 and posted up all the way through the end of January. I've ben going over to the North Shore for several months every winter for probably about 13 years now. This year was a little different due to Covid. The triple crown was digital, the Pipe Masters was the only event that took place, and the crowds were quite different. One thing was constant, and that was the surf. It pumped this year. We had so many days of  really good surf and quite a few days that were actually too big for the waves that I like to surf. This is a compilation of footage from my winter over there that Ryan Perry edited for Rip Curl. The board shorts I'm wearing are my current 3-2-1 color way that I got to design with them. The 3-2-1 short is sick because it's made with strong cordura panels that feel really sturdy in the surf  but are broken up with some stretchier panels to provide extra flexibility where you need the movement. They've become my favorite board short construction for sure. Check them out HERE if you dig. 

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