Salty Crew 

I'm super stoked to be a new addition to the Salty Crew! Salty crew embraces all of the things that I love in the ocean and makes the gear for it all. A like minded group of rad people, it really feels like a family. Check the site HERE

JS Industries

The fastest most high performance surfboards out there. Stepping on a JS is what I would imagine driving a F1 race car would be like. Check them out HERE

Monster Energy

Monster has supported me for around 9 years in chasing pumping waves and creating content all over the world. Check them out HERE

Smith Optics

Smith makes the killer lenses that are perfect for wearing at the beach, fishing , or just every day cruising. Check em out HERE.


Leus is a towel brand that I'm a co-owner in. Our towels are eco friendly and made to take on all adventures from sun up to sun down from the beach to the mountains. Find your new towel HERE.

The James Brand

TJB designs the tools that we use all day, every day. From knives to pens, they make beautiful tools and aim to dive deeper into people's stories. Check us out HERE. 

Future Fins

I've been riding futures since I stopped riding glass ons when I was 15. The strongest performance fins in the game. We're launching or signature fin with them as well!!! Check them out HERE. 

Primal Kitchen Foods

Primal kitchen makes the best healthy oils, dressings, marinades, and other food goodies. I use them daily in my cooking. For 10 percent off check them out HERE and use conner10 at checkout.


The best surf wax, PERIOD. Sexwax is from my hometown and I've ridden for them since I was a little kid. Sexwax is "the best for your stick." Check them out HERE.  

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