The “CofFINS”

Yes!! We finally launched or signature fin with Future Fins! You can pick a pair up off of their site HERE or at your local surf shop! Parker and I have ridden for futures for probably 15 years now and we've always loved their products. This fin came to be because we used to ride the AM1 template growing up, but at a certain point that fin felt a little small for me and the AM2 fin felt too big. So, the "CofFFIN" was born. The center fin of the original AM template is smaller than the side fins and also a slightly different shape. We started with testing a center fin that was the same as the side fins of the AM set... This instantly made my boards feel drivier and more stable, which was what I was looking for.

 We then experimented with making the side fins slightly bigger. We played around with this for a while and dialed in exactly the size we liked best.  This ended up feeling really good and became the fin that we settled on now. Another piece is that Parker and I loved the feel of just plain fiberglass fins. It seems to be the most consistent feeling fin and provides a really nice flex with tons of drive and control. For art direction, we wanted something that looked like a traditional glassed on fin with a twist. We're stoked on the pop of red color and then we stuck the coffin family crest on there! We are really happy with how it came out and feel like it's a great overall fin. We've ridden it in a ton of different boards and conditions and it works in anything. Please let us know if you try them out and what you think!  Huge thank you to the futures fins crew for dialing this fin in to perfection!!! 

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